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The Process

You feel stuck and overwhelmed, caught in a vicious cycle of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that perpetuate your suffering. I am here to help you shift out of your old patterns and build/strengthen/live from new neural pathways.

Therapy is most effective when clear goals are established and revisited throughout our time together. This helps us assess whether we are moving towards progress and growth. Timelines are unique to the individual and depend on many factors: severity of trauma(s), access to internal and external resources, subconscious belief patterns, cultural context, life stage, etc. 

My style is dynamic and balanced; receptive and active. I am deeply empathic and intuitive, listening with all of my senses. I help you:


  • identify the root causes of your suffering,

  • release subconscious belief patterning,

  • facilitate the healing expression of old emotions,

  • assist you in gaining insight,

  • support you in taking new actions,

  • reflect back your truths when you grapple with important decisions,

  • work with you to embrace all parts of yourself.


New beliefs and experiences will form with time, practice, and care. 

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