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The Journey

As a planet we are under duress as the toxic forces of patriarchal colonialism have governed for far too long. Those heavily indoctrinated from fear and shame-based paradigms, attempt to erase the sacred Feminine and sacred Masculine, leaving our collective in numb despair. Yet many of us are waking/standing up to the shadows of pathological masculinity.


As love warriors we rise and meet each day, hoping to find a sense of belonging and purpose, longing to love and live more fully, searching for authentic experiences that remind us of our goodness. Despite 

oppressive violence and the injuries incurred from well-intentioned yet unhealed people, we continue to persevere with tremendous resiliency. We continue to be the LIGHT that heals one another.


How does healing happen in these complicated times? The golden key to transforming your core wounds is shifting your relationship to them. This starts with addressing them from a loving feminist perspective. There is nothing broken inside of you; there is nothing to be fixed. 


The glaciers of manmade shame and the unforeseeable storms of interpersonal traumas cannot hide the truth - YOU are still a beautiful garden. Your roots from 7 generations ago, bring forth your brilliant flowers, your bruised fruit, your earthy cracks, your hearty soil.  You are an indescribable mix of gifts and strengths, held back by once-adaptive now outdated survival strategies. You are perfectly imperfect.


It is courageous to acknowledge your vulnerabilities. It is empowering to seek collaborative partners. It is enlivening to engage in this precious healing work. May your wounds become your most potent teacher, leading you to lasting compassion and transformative action for Earth, yourself and others. 


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