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I am a devoted facilitator and ally of healing. I am here to help you untangle and release the bondage of internalized shame and reclaim your most precious birthright: to love and be loved. 

Personal Path:

I offer embodied heart-powered wisdom gleaned from over 25 years of both deep personal healing and my work serving others. In my search for solutions, I've descended, many times, into the darkest corridors of my own pain, caught in the crawlspace of a basement gasping for air. My support team - loved ones, therapists, healers, teachers, ancestors, and allies large and small - appeared and helped me see the brilliant light within and around me. They came because I asked and said YES. Yes to my livelihood. Yes to my freedom. Yes to my growth. Yes to the pain of cracking wide open and releasing generations of buried grief and unprocessed trauma. Yes to LOVE.


My process stalls when I lead with my intellect, reject my vulnerabilities, hide in my shame, wear my armor and mask. 

Everything I have learned and sowed on my path, is recycled back into my work and offered to you. 

Education & Training:
  • CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - MFC #50562

  • Masters of Science in Counseling - 2007 SF State University

  • Valedictorian (1 of 4) Class of 2007 - SFSU

  • Reiki Master

  • EMDR - Advanced Level

  • Certified Transformational NLP Coach

  • Theta Healer

  • Access Bars Consciousness Healer

  • Women's Therapy Center - Advanced Training Program

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